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Memorial Hall, also known as Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall and Veterans Memorial Hall, is located in Rockford, Illinois. It was built from 1901 to 1903 and originally was dedicated to those who served in the Civil War and the Spanish–American War. It is said to be the first of its kind in the United States. It is located on the west side of Rockford, one block from the Rock River, across the street from the Rockford Public Library, formerly the Carnegie Library. Although it was initially conceived to honor just those from Winnebago County, Illinois who served in the American Civil War, supporters added a listing of county Spanish–American War veterans before the building were begun. Other Winnebago County veterans were later memorialized inside and outside the Hall. The Memorial is one of the few veteran’s memorials that is not a monument. The building is administered by the Winnebago County Board and was dedicated on June 3, 1903, by President Theodore Roosevelt. Wikipedia


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